It Isn’t Simple Being Green

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Dear Dr. Warren,

I am hoping you are able to help me to. I never ever had problematic satisfying females and going out on times, but after about per month or two, I find me becoming jealous of additional men, and it merely gets worse from that point. In the beginning she will imagine its type of sweet, but it becomes a proper problem. A lady i must say i appreciated not too long ago broke up with me personally on it, therefore put me because I thought we had an excellent thing going. In your knowledge, is actually jealousy something may go away eventually aided by the correct individual, or is it my character to be similar to this?
John in Tewksbury, MA


Dear John,

Many thanks for the outstanding question. First off, I would like to commend you for recognizing a behavior in your self that you’ve seen has effects on your own relationships adversely. Second, I also wanna guarantee you that jealousy is an activity possible focus on so it doesn’t always have to come between both you and somebody you really have strong thoughts for.

To put it simply, envy is actually a harmful emotion that can come up in a variety of types of circumstances. With regards to takes place in passionate interactions and is guided toward others who connect with your spouse, it signals a fear about shedding your lover to a possible competitor. That concern often is grounded on some sort of insecurity you may have about yourself in terms of the object of your envy. Being jealous of just who your spouse communicates with is also a sign of insecurity.

John, step one to overcoming jealousy would be to comprehend your own reasons, and so I would like you to have some time and energy to remember the method that you look at yourself—both good attributes and not-so-good traits.

1st consider carefully your finest characteristics in addition to areas inside your life you are most proud of. On your own most useful day if you were to explain your own the majority of positive attributes, what can you say? Often it can be helpful to additionally ask a detailed friends or household members how they look at you, too, given that they may be a fantastic supply of more objective details. Whether it helps, take to making a listing.

Next, I want you to give some thought to the insecurities that you have about your self plus existence. It may be tough to view these truthfully, but it is crucial that you know that jealousy starts initially with an overly bad self-judgment. This unfavorable view will be versus a notion of some other the person you judge getting a lot better than you somehow. These “better-than/less-than” evaluations cause the man seeking many problems for you privately before beginning to harm your own interactions with other people.

Whenever jealous views become envious behaviors connections are broken. It would likely start as a cold-shoulder or dirty looks, but eventually escalates and erupts in negative feedback and accusations toward your spouse herself, though she has completed nothing wrong. By misjudging your spouse’s commitment fidelity or integrity, you are accidentally disrespecting the girl. In healthy relationships, both associates prefer to get through its mate—it is actually a choice—and rely on is the connect that keeps them collectively and keeps damaging envy out from the image.

The next time you are faced with a scenario where jealous thoughts toward another guy begin to appear, I want you accomplish the immediate following:



Jealousy is unquestionably something that you can overcome to enable you to start to appreciate more happy and much more romantic relationships with women. Just remember that while couple of would argue that you’ll find nothing just like the comfort of understanding the companion “belongs” to all of us, the stark reality is we “belong” every single other—by choice. Jealous behavior can a variety, but it’s among control. By using steps to conquer jealousy within connections, you can expect to quit the necessity to take control of your companion to meet your own personal worry, and you will also relieve your self from all-consuming grip of jealousy that settings you.

Tell us how you do.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren