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This is a payment you make for the partner broker and not directly for using the Bitcoin Prime system. Once you’ve signed up on Bitcoin Prime, you will be redirected to a brokerage firm in your country that partners with Bitcoin Prime. With this in mind, if you want to start trading with Bitcoin Prime automated software, below you can find the steps you need to get started. While it is possible to make good profits with Bitcoin Prime, it is important to emphasize once again that cryptocurrency markets are volatile. While this may seem like the easiest way to trade, it is never advisable to walk away and let the trading robot trade unattended. After testing this platform ourselves, we found that it is very user-friendly, and is suitable even for beginners.

Bitcoin Prime Review

This means that all of the deposits and withdrawals are handled by the partner broker and not by Bitcoin Prime, which is essentially a fintech software company. Nonetheless, most brokers allow you to deposit funds bank transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, and e-Wallet solutions. Regardless, many reviews on the broker’s site as well as over the internet approve that Bitcoin Prime has succeeded to develop an accurate and stable automated trading software.

You can support our anti-scam fight and buy a TBBOB NFT with Detective Tiger. If necessary, you can threaten them with complaints to regulatory authorities. If that doesn’t help, you can file a complaint, but most importantly, contact your deposit payment intermediary for assistance.

Is Bitcoin Prime A Scam?

Using a credit or debit card with Apple Pay is trustworthy, safe, and accepted in-store and online globally. Lastly, the firm’s entry into the NFT sector may provide it with an opportunity to diversify its income sources. Coinbase announced on October 12, 2021 that it is launching a marketplace for non-fungible tokens . In addition, the exchange has created a waitlist to get early access to its NFT marketplace, which will allow users to mint, collect, and trade non-fungible tokens.

  • This was important to us, and we even tested the customer support process via the online form and chat.
  • On the other hand, it automatically redirects you to the sites with the highest rates at the time of selling bitcoin.
  • Make yourself aware of the individual capital gain tax liability in your country of residence.

CFDs are regarded as high-risk, high-return investments that require a better market understanding to minimise losses. Your new account must be funded before you can begin to trade. Normally, a range of options is available to make your deposit. Credit crypto trading bot review and debit cards, SEPA , bank transfers, and PayPal are commonly available. The minimum deposit here is $250, and there are no fees charged when you make your deposit. To request a withdrawal, you must first complete a withdrawal request form.

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Bitcoin Prime connects traders with brokers who have a hassle-free system of withdrawals and deposits. Traders’ deposits and confirmation of withdrawals are reflected in a matter of seconds in real-time in their respective accounts. Aside from requiring personal data and other important information, Bitcoin Prime also requires traders to prove their identities. Requiring credible proof of identity adds an impenetrable level of security and a sense of ownership over your Bitcoin Prime account. The verification process blocks hackers from infiltrating the live trading platform and using it for their own gain. To commence your investing journey using Bitcoin Prime, you will only need an initial investment of $250.

Bitcoin Prime Review Verdict

It has outsourced this job to reputable and regulated brokers with decades of experience in the market. This is to ensure that the users’ funds remain safe in case something happens. Reportedly, the team’s belief in decentralised systems and Bitcoin fueled their passion and helped them to develop the software. They were further encouraged by the massive growth recorded by the cryptocurrency market both in terms of value and acceptance by people as a medium of exchange and financial assets. This platform is a legit cryptocurrency auto trading platform. Users have evaluated all of its characteristics and determined Bitcoin Prime has a high percentage of profit.

The Reddit platform is undoubtedly quite important for anyone looking for information about investing in bitcoin. The robust growth of bitcoin has made it a must-have asset in a sophisticated investors portfolio. We have come across popular ETFs combining bitcoin and Blue-chip stocks. Bitcoin Reddit consists of up to 20 communities where people discuss the latest bitcoin investment and trading opportunities. As mentioned earlier, Reddit has proven to be a powerful tool in the investment and trading arena. Popular subreddits have been identified to cause the volatility of what are known meme stocks.

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